Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Be realistic.Why were you born in this world? You study, secure a job, join a mate, marriage results in children and sacrifice the whole life for the needs of a family. Now you have grown old and decrepit and suffering from some form of disease incurable. Ultimately remorse and repentance remaining. You die of it but in the hope of being reborn. Ignorance, delusion and craving bring you back for a life of what ever kind. Is this the life of yours and mine?"

All conditioned things are impermanent,
When one realises this with wisdom,
Then he is disgusted of sorrow,
This is the path to purity.

He who has reached the goal is fearless,
is devoid of craving, is passionless, 
has broken the thorns of existence, 
This body is his last.

-Gothama Buddha
  • Sri Sumedhankara Vana Senasuna of Seruwawila in Trincomalee district initiated by foundation in the time of war in Eastern province is now being re-constructed.

  • The scheme of providing dry rations to several monasteries in rustic locations is being carried out.

  • Sri Sambodhi Thapo Wanaya of Neluwa in Galle District built up by Sadaham Vijaya Foundation is now available for monastic bhikkus and lay people interested in meditation.

  • A new project was launched to rescue the cattle to be slaughtered.