A very few scenarios of 28 year mission

Depositing of a Gold Plated Buddha Statue in the Western Wahalkada of Swarnamali Maha Seya 

Giant project started for the restoration of Neelagiri Maha Seya - Lahugala by materializing the archaeology department.

Pankuliya Ashokaramaya historical Budhdha statue being covered by wooden roof.

Materializing the ongoing works of Wahalkada at Swarnamali Maha Seya as per the request by chief incumbent of Maha Seya.

A historical event and a milestone of Sadahamvijaya Foundation - Installing a mechanism to purify the feet of Maha Sanga and devotees going to venerate Swarnamali Maha Seya (28-10-2020).

Renovation of the road leading to Neelagiri Maha Seya, Lahugala

(28-04-2020).The endevour to provide drinking water to Nagalakanda monastery by establishing a tube well.

 (20-04-2020) Mending the path dilapidated state leading to ancient shrine at Nagalakanda monastery.

The completion of the second phase of renovating the road leading to Kiriwehera, Katharagama.


Excavating the foundation with a simple religious ceremony for a Dagaba  at Palugama monastery , Galgamuwa , Kurunegala district.

Renovating the road with granite leading to Kiriwehera, Kataragama, one of the most sacred dagabas in Sri Lanka.

The "Buddha Mandira" along with the Viharaya under construction.

Illumination of Stupa at Muhudu Mahaa Viharaya in Pothuwil by Sadaham Vijaya Foundation

Illuminated Neelapabbatha Stupa at Sumedhankara Wana Senasuna, Seruwawila at the night of Pirith Chanting Ceremony.

The view of a kuti after being completed in Moragaha Ulpatha.

Stupa Maluwa in progress






On the day of enshrining treasures in the inner chamber of pagoda at Sri Sumedhankara Wana Senasuna, Seruwawila.

The view of pagoda under construction at Sri Sumedhankara Wana Senasuna, Seruwawila


Just before laying foundation stone to Neela Pabbatha Saeya in the premises of Sri Sumedhankara Wana Senasuna, Seruwawila

The offering of first two Kuties to be enjoyed by monastic bhikkus at Sumedhankara Wana Senasuna, Seruwawila.

The Shrine under construction at Sri Sambodhi thapo wanaya in Neluwa.

"Sri Sumedhankara Vana Senasuna" initiated by the organization in the times of war in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka.


The view of a kuti after being completed in Neluwa, Galle District.

The foundation of a Kuti being laid at Sri Sambodhi Thapowanaya in Neluwa, Galle District.

GINIHALGEYA(kitchen) constructed at the Nandimithra monastery in Diyathiththawewa, Horopathana.


 Distributing dry rations to peasants in Maawathawewa, Vauniya district affected by drought.


Liberation from being killed. Another scheme initiated by organization.












A Section of the tank excavated to supply water to "Sri Sumedhankara Vana Senasuna" in Seruwawila, Eastern province of Sri Lanka.


 The Jumbos we often come across in our mission in the forest.

A renovation of a kuti at Sambodhi Thapowanaya in Neluwa.

A DaanaShala under construction at Palugama monastery in Anuradhapura district.

A roof is being fixed for four attached kuties in Nandimiththra monastery in Horowpathana.

 A view of a Kuti in Kudumbigala, Eastern part of Yaala Sanctuary after being completed.

A view of another kuti in Kudumbigala after being completed.

A Kuti under Construction at Kudumbigala by the organization

 Members at work at Kudumbigala monastery, Eastern part of Yala Wild Life Park.

 The pathetic situation of Belawanagala Monastery in Udawalawa

Belawanagala Aranya Senasanaya

A newly constructed kutti at Nagala Kanda Monastery, Minneriya.

The members of Oganization at work to construct a new monastery in "Somawathiya" jungle.

A kutti under construction in Minneriya, Polonnaruwa.

A young white bhikkhu in "Nuckles range".

We are in vijithapura, Anuradhaura to donate "Thripitaka" to Dutugamunu Monastery.

A foreign bhikku walking back afer having alms from villegers in Knuckles range.

A young forest bhikku making a sermon to the villagers living at the foot hills of Knuckles range.

Diyathiththawewa monastery in Horopathana in Vauniya district. A major water project was implemented to supply drinking water for bhikkus.

 A Kutti in Kudumbigala where we are to carry out a water project.

The donation of Thripitaka (The Buddhist Canon) in a procession to a monastery in Vijithapura, Kalaweva, Anuradhapura District.

A monk in a rock cave in Knuckles range where we constantly operate to facilitate Bhikkus.

A house being constructed for a poor "Dayakaya" (Buddhist Layman" in Guruwela, Laggala, Pallegama-Matale District.

A monastic Bhikku whom we met in a hermitage located in the boader of Mulathiv forest.

A ruined monastery complex we noticed in the forest. For the renaissance much money is wanted.

The donation of Thripitaka (The Buddhist Canon) in a procession to a hermitahe in Nellikale in Ipalogama, Anuradhapura district.

A view of a kutti (Abode of a monastic Bhikku) after being completed in Karabagala reserved forest in Ridiyagama, Ambalanthota.

"Pindapatha Shala" (The hall where Bhikkus take alms) constructed in the  Karandulena monastery, down south.

A simplest abode of a monastic Bhikku.

Another ideal location that we have meant to build up a "kutti" in Karadulena hermitage in down south.

A hall being constructed for taking alms for Bhikkus in Ridiyagama area.

Completion of a "Kutti" attached to a great rock.

The hermitage founded by Sadahamvijaya in Kawanthissapura, Seruwila, in East of Sri Lanka.

A bhikku whom we met in the Knuckles range where we often make visit to facilitate forest bhikkus.

Kudumbigala Monastery in Panama, Pothuvil consists of many a rock cave where Bhikkus are leading a monastic life but the most pressing issue is water.

A group of Bhikkus on an invitation for a "kutti pooja" (offering of abode) in the Knuckles range.

Dharmashala in Moragaha Ulpatha, Matale district constructed with the help of Wishwa Parami Padanama.

A residence of a Bhikku in Kabithigollawa. Later this mud hut was made a permanant residence by the organization.

Against slaughter of animals.

 A picturesque view of a part of "Siripada Kanda" (Adam's peek) where we frequently make visits to facilitate the monastic bhikkus.

Accompanied in a very simple procession for a religious ceremony in the jungle.

The reverence from junior to senior .

A Bhikku through the forest to village.

A hermitage in Kabithigollewa. The organization financially helped to construct the shrine.

A monastery in Horowpathana the accute problem of theirs was water. A massive water project was carried out by the organization to supply water to abodes.

The books to be set up a Buddhist Public Library in very rural village called “Ethala Vidda Weva” in Kabaithigollawa.


 The huge pond constructed by “Sadaham Vijaya” to meet the needs of water for Bhikkus in a monastery located a few kilometres away from Kabithigollawa.

While working to build up a kutti in Nagalakanda Monastery in Minneriya, Polonnaruwa

Another group of Bhikkus walking through the wilds to participate in "kutti pooja" in Knuckles range.

 A Bhikku in Sripada Adawiya where we constantly operate to facilitate the forest Bhikkus.

 A hermitage called Piyasiri Yogasramaya in Willachchiya, Anuradapura where this abode was constructed for the benefits of forest Bhikkus.

A Dharmashala built up by attaching to the meditation centre in Watagala at the foot hills of Knuckles




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