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Buddism, our religious identity, is being threatened by four main factors prevailing in Sri Lanka today.

    They are,

    1. Christianization backed up by interested elements.

    2. Muslimization.

    3. Depreviation of state patronage.

    4. Increasing the number of immoral, unrestrained Bhikkus in the country.

Non governmental organizations(NGOs), the most dangerous wolf in sheep's clothing has been functioning in the country in pretext of different forms of welfare projects with prejudicial agenda to Christianize people, specially children in rustic locations. All of their schemes end up establishing a praying centre or a church splitting out tranquil atmosphere in a village and dividing people into different religious units. NGOs represent the interested bodies in the world to jeopardize Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Sinhala Buddists remain silent. Monks of respective temples in the affected areas who voice against are made silent by giving money and other luxuries. There are very reliable instances some monks are trapped in sexual acts videoed to shutup mouth. Authorities concerned are fast asleep in a country where there is a seperate ministry for Buddhist Affairs. This is how the backbone of the nation, Buddhism, is inflicted by these elements backed up by so called western countries. 

According to our personnal visits and experience in most areas in Sri Lanka, the impetus of Muslimization has been doubled. The Buddhist historical ruins in the East of Sri Lanka are being ruined by Muslim extremists converting some of them into lands of cultivation and some of them into human settlement. 

From the very outset in the history, when deeply studied, in the eras when the Buddhism gained state patronage, it flourished and it was a key factor to propagate and establish Buddhism in the country. But today our religion is deprived of this patronage because those in power act out according to biased political agenda. 

There is a trend of distancing people from Buddhism owing to immoral conduct of some unrestrained Bhikkus who are just physically wearing the saffron robe. To arrest these issues we are fully engaged in renovating ruined monasteries in the forest and constructing new ones to facilitate the Bhikkus who have taken up the life and dhamma as a single entity. 

Sadaham Vijaya is the first Buddist organization ever setup in Sri Lanka to combat in positive and practical way to eliminate the possible elements which harm our religious identity.


  • There is a significant number of local and foreign Buddhist monks (Bikkhus) in the thick forest of Sri Lanka who haven’t confined “Dhamma” (Buddha’s Doctrine) for a mere eloquent sermon but considering Dhamma and life as one conformity for emancipation from all kinds of mental and physical sufferings

  • The trend of distancing the general public from Buddhist Bukkhus, who are just physically wearing the robe, has doubled in our motherland, since so called Bikkhus have been unable to bring about the spiritual solace and a revival that the public ask for at present.

  • Well- organized foreign elements backed by some treacherous nationals who work out for money fill the void by converting poor and ignorant public into theological religions.

  • We, of Sadaham Vijaya, assure this gap can be minimized reviving Buddhist dispensation (Buddha Sasana) which absolutely depends on highly virtuous Bikkhus who travel on the path of Buddha’s teachings by putrefying the mind based on two main Buddhist meditation techniques-tranquility and insight (SAMATHA and VIDARSHANA).

  • This is the mission to which we are bound by historical bond which dates back to our long, glorious unparalleled history illustrated by great ancestors and national heroes of enormous commitment.

  • The members of the organization who are the embodiment of perseverance work out with untiring effort to facilitate Buddhist Monks in meditation by constructing and ranovating “The kutti” (the abode of a monastic monk) and rock caves used by ancient Arahath Bikkhus. Meanwhile steps have been taken to setup public libraries in the rural areas to impart Dhamma to poor villages.
  • While donating the Buddhist canon (Thripitaka) to equip monks with more knowledge on Dhamma for practical application, we are very keen on establishing libraries for the people in the very remote areas to make them lean towards Buddha’s teachings. What is expected in the process of setting up Buddhist public libraries is to avoid them being proselytized (being converted in to other religions)
  • We are highly concerned about the students in poor families who are good at studies but hampered by various socio-economic issues.
  • Over a long period Sadaham Vijaya has fully engaged in looking after the sick and the old in the Homes For Elders in the country and is affording the expenses for medical treatments of patients who are completely marginalized by the society or the outside world. Why have we been unable to listen to their woe and grievances? Why are we trying to look aside and keep away them from us? Are we immortal? Remember the words expounded by Buddha to most Ven. Ananda Thera. “Ananda, where there’s youthhood, ageing originates. Where there’s health, ill-health originates”

  • There are people in our motherland yearning for a shelter to live in. they do not have any substantial source of income to buildup a house for their children. Understanding this pathetic situation prevailing, several houses have been constructed and renovated by us for their well-being.

  • While urging the people to refrain from slaughtering the animals through propaganda campaign Sadaham Vijaya foundation, in sense of word, is totally against killing animals and torturing them.


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