Religious Schemes You Could Contribute For

  • In Progress - Affording medicine for monastic bhikkus who lack of ways and means, as they are not engaged in any sort of transactions, to get treatments for their different types of deceases.
  • Of the two roads leading to "Kiri Wehera", Katharagama one is renovated and paved with granites. The other one is left with no any consideration. It too is going to be renovated and paved with granites and interlocks. Click here for photoes
  • The Ancient Daageba in ruins at Galapitagala Monastery, Kebithigollewa built in the reign of king Bhathikabhaya is to be restored. click here for photos
  • The facilities to prepare alms are not available at Sumedhankara Wana Senasuna, Seruwawila. It has been a long felt need, but not yet fulfilled.
  • Completed - "Muhudu Maha Viharaya" in Pothuwil in the East of Sri Lanka which has been subjected to awful threats of Muslims for long years grabbing the original land of seven hundred acres and leaving it into one acre at this moment is attended to safeguard the Buddhist heritage by supporting it in every way possible.
  • Completed - Sri Sumedhankara Vana Senasuna of Seruwawila in Trincomalee district initiated by foundation in the times of war in Eastern province has been built up including the "Neelapabbatha Saeya" believed to be a master piece of King Kavanthissa in 3rd century except Vihara Mandiraya which is being constructed.
  • Completed - "Ariyadhammaramaya" in Eethalavidda Wewa, Kebithigollewa is being renovated attaching "Daana Shala"
  • Completed - "Sri Kovida Vana Senasuna" built in memory of late most venerable Kovida Thero, an American national , is to be expanded.
  • Completed - A rubber land in Avissawella is to be transformed into a monastery.
  • Completed - Sri Sambodhi Thapo Wanaya of Neluwa in Galle District built up by Sadaham Vijaya Foundation is now available for monastic bhikkus and lay people interested in meditation


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